Ossi Duri 

tribute to the music of Frank Zappa (live)
Track list
  1. Zoot Allures (feat Ike Willis)
  2. Honey don't you wanna a man like me? (feat Ike Willis)
  3. Pygmy Twylyte
  4. Easy meat (feat Elio)
  5. Why does it hurt when I pee? (feat Elio)
  6. Son of orange county (feat Ike Willis)
  7. More trouble every day (feat Ike Willis)
  8. The black page #2
  9. Keep it greasey (feat Ike Willis)
  10. Outside now (feat Ike Willis)
  11. Cosmik Debris (feat. Elio & Fabio Treves) (bonus track)

Tracks info:
tracks feat Ike Willis recorded live at Maison Musique Rivoli – Italy, April 20 2011, by Luca
Ravetto, mixed by Luca Ravetto.

tracks feat Elio recorded live at Brancaleone Roma – Italy, April 16 2010, by Filippo Bellavia, mixed by Luca Ravetto.

track 03 recorded live at CSOA Askatasuna – Torino – Italy, December 7 2007, by Filippo Bellavia, mixed by Luca Ravetto.

track 09 recorded live at Hiroshima Mon Amour Torino – Italy, October 8 2004, by Claudio
Cattero, mixed by Claudio Cattero. Gianni De Nitto: sax.

track 11 recorded live at Auditorium Conservatorio Milano – Italy, December 18 2013, by Luca Ravetto. Mixed by Claudio Cattero – Manifatture Musicali. Fabio Treves: harp


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